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Get More Customers with Twitter

Twitter’s not going away anytime soon. And it’s also not just a stupid new thing that teenagers are into. No, Twitter’s here to stay and it’s a force to be reckoned with. In fact, if you’re not already using Twitter to get in touch with your customers, you’re missing out.

Twitter offers you free advertising and lead generation. The really cool thing about it is that you don’t have to be behind a computer screen in order to ‘tweet’ the latest news about your business. You can do it with your mobile device.

Clueless about how to tweet your way to better sales? Here are the basics on how to use Twitter to get more customers.

Special Offers

‘Tweets’ are short updates that you send your followers. While some people tweet about the hot dog they had for lunch, you’re going to actually use it to offer something significant to your followers. The best way to do this is by offering exclusive deals.

When you make special offers that are only for Twitter followers, this gets people to sign up and follow you. It also gets those same followers to head to your business and make purchases. It doesn’t have to be much; it can just be a coupon that offers a couple of dollars off and it’ll have a powerful effect.

Be Helpful

The best way to attract new followers is to brand yourself as a helpful expert in your field. Offer valuable tips and advice to people that are related to your business’s products and services. This makes people want to be on your list.

What good is having a huge list? They may not buy from you right away, but over time as you become a trusted source of information for them, you’ll be the one they go to.

Let’s say that you’re a cleaning service and you offer extremely helpful and easy cleaning tips – that work! People will use your tips and thank you for them. Then, when they need a whole-house cleaning before the big move and don’t want to do it all themselves, you’re the cleaning service they’ll call.

Be Social

Another thing that helps to convert followers to customers is to simply be social. It’s not only about building expertise but also trust. Don’t make your Twitter communication one-way. Follow other people, comment on their tweets, and get to know everybody. Whenever they need your service, they’ll call you – a trusted friend – instead of a stranger.

I know what you’re probably thinking now – ‘Exactly how much of my precious time do I have to devote to Twitter?!’

Yes, it does add something more to an already busy schedule. But once you learn how to use it, you’ll see how easy it is. In just 10 minutes a day, you can do all the tweeting you need to. There are also tools that help you automate it so you don’t have to do everything manually.

But the truth is that once you get started with it, it’ll suck you in and you’ll become a Twitter addict – which is even better for your business!

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