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How to Make Search Engines Love Your Website

The search engines aren’t really so picky. They just like websites with good content and some activity going on. If you’re trying to court the search engines and win their precious love, there are just a few basic things you need to make sure you’re doing.

High Quality Backlinks

Get links from other sites back to your website (these are called ‘backlinks’). But don’t get them from any old website. Backlinks from low-quality sites are worthless in the eyes of the search engines. Instead, go for authority sites. These are sites that are recognized by the search engines as offering high quality content.

You can check out a site’s Google PageRank by using its PageRank Checker ( or by just looking for sites that appear in the the search engine results pages. If they’re popular enough to show up, they’re good enough for your backlinks.

Fresh Content, Updated Daily

Okay, it doesn’t need to be daily. But you should update your content consistently. Websites that don’t get updated frequently are considered dead and forgotten by the search engines. If you’ve got new content appearing on your site regularly, the search engines will sit up and notice.

An easy way to do this is to create a blog and carve out a little time each week for blogging. You can also install a news feed that picks up news stories. What’s really important is not how much you update your site, but that you do it regularly and offer something of quality.

Optimize Your Title Tag

The title tag is little blurb about your website that appears at the top of the browser. It also shows up as the title of your listing in search results and the name of the site when someone adds it to their ‘bookmarks’ or ‘favorites.’

The title tag should be short and to the point. It should state the name of your business, give an idea of what you do (for example, ‘South Florida tax lawyers’) and be optimized for your keywords.

Use Keywords but Don’t Stuff

Yes, keywords are important in your site’s content and they do work a special kind of magic on the search engines. Spend some time choosing good ones that:
 Are relevant to your site and get searches from your target market;
 Get a fairly high number of monthly searches (something like 30,000);
 Don’t have too much competition.

Use the keywords naturally in your web content. Your website shouldn’t be stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. If you use your keywords too much, the search engines will ignore you. How can you tell if you’ve overused the keywords? Read your content and you’ll know. If it sounds awkward, trim.

It takes surprisingly little to woo the search engines. Once you start building backlinks and experimenting with keywords, you’ll see how easy it is. Sign up for Google Analytics ( and keep an eye on how you’re doing. Pay attention to your keyword stats and see where your traffic is coming from.

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