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QR Codes

The British Olympics Deploy QR Codes. Isn’t It Time Your Business Got Connected?

What are QR Codes?

Quick response codes (QR codes) were first utilized in Japan and were used in tracking down parts in their car manufacturing plants. Today, QR codes are gaining popularity all over the world.

Custom Designs & Corporate Colours

QR codes are patterned codes arranged in squares and generally with a white background, although we can design them with customised designs and corporate colours. QR codes are embedded with data and information that can be immediately accessed with just one click of a mobile phone.  Businesses can use QR codes to promote coupons, special offers, discounts, menus, bookings, videos and much more.  They can also be used to build a mobile list of opt in subscribers. You can easily direct people to your website, online video, or Facebook Business page. The possibilities are unlimited.

Although QR codes are becoming more and more popular, there are still some businesses that are not aware of the powerful benefits of using them. Don’t miss out on the potential QR Codes have of creating and developing new business. It’s cutting-edge technology.


QR Codes

Just A Few Examples - Call Us For A Customised Solution For Your Business

QR Codes In Action:

There are so many ways to use QR Codes in your promotions. Business Cards, Printed Media, Mugs, Floor Mats in Trade Shows, Billboards, Information Points. We can suggest some innovative and creative uses for your business that will give you a competitive advantage.

Let us design and deploy QR codes for your customised promotional campaign.

More benefits:

1. Save on printing costs:

QR codes do not require re – printing of your advertisements and promotions thus reducing your printing expenses. People can simply click on the QR codes provided to view information they need about the product or service. They can click the code anytime they want to retrieve the information

2. Build Customer Curiosity:

Having QR codes appear in your products increases excitement because people are curious about what information is hiding behind them! Now they can instantly retrieve the information embedded in your QR codes. The sense of anticipation mounts as people scan your codes for your content.

3. Encourages Fast Response:

Your clients don’t have to wait long for additional information about your products and services. No longer do they have to wait until they get home to look at your website to get the information they want. QR codes facilitate immediate access to information about your business, products, and services. Relevant facts acquired from QR codes facilitate convenience for the end-user when it comes to getting more information about your business or offer. You can also use QR codes to conduct surveys and customer feedback about your product or service.

How To Scan A QR Code

In order to scan these QR Codes you need to download a FREE QR Reader APP for your Smart Phone – Android, iPhone, Blackberry or similar.

Here are some recommended FREE/CHEAP APPS:

Optiscan – The best QR Code scanner for iPhones – it understands all the trickier encoding types and has definitely kept up with development in QR code technology.
QRafter – “Best of breed” as far as the free iPhone apps are concerned. Fast, reliable and broad range of user features.
• For Android devices the choice is clear – it’s either QR Pal or QR Droid. Both are solid performers and well put together by people that clearly understand QR codes at a technical level.
I-Nigma – Popular and reliable QR code scanning app that’s been around forever and comes in all the popular flavours – iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

QR Codes can be used in innovative and creative advertising campaigns. Anyone can design them! It’s what you do with them that counts!

That’s why Street Cred Marketing can make the difference between a boring and obvious promotions campaign and something a little more memorable.

QR Codes are here to stay! Go on, jump on board!

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